Low Nox & CO Metal Fiber Burners

 Combustion features :
  •  use of high temperature: 1100 ℃ (upper limit temperature 1250 ℃)
  • Load adjustment range:
    Infrared burner mode: 100-800kw / m2
    Blue flame combustion mode: 1000-10000kw / m2
  • small resistance:
    Infrared burner mode: <50pa
    Blue flame combustion mode: <200pa
  • Long life: 20000h
  • High radiation efficiency:> 50%
  • even burning
  • thermal inertia: fast heating and cooling
  • Thermal shock: dramatic changes in the thermal load will not cause damage to the material
  • resistance to mechanical shock: some mechanical impact no effect on the material
  • can be made into complex shapes burner