WHO is MFBurners?

  MFBurners Heat Technology is Mainly an energy-saving and environmental protection technology research and development consulting service company.

  MFBurners Registered brand for the company is mainly used for brand operation of burner technology industry, using the most advanced burner technology and high-quality combustion components in the current market to produce environmentally friendly, low-emission and efficient premixed burner system solutions. The burning high performance materials are made of metal fiber (knitted, flat woven), metal fiber Sintered materials, porous medium materials (metal foam, silicon carbide foam). So we are serving green premixed burner technology.

We also provide 15 years of experience in combustion technology, design consulting and R&D project application consulting services.

MFBurners Service Items:

We have brought a new perspective to the combustion system used in the process of heat demand in this field.

In order to reduce the energy cost, reduce the environmental impact caused by emissions and reduce the maintenance cost of its system, industrial production, machinery manufacturing, boiler factory and burner manufacturing companies have designed compact, reliable and stable solutions with long service life by customizing on-site solutions, customizing (customized design process) and tailoring (customized design process). Case. To provide customers with unique burner design, customized product design, as well as high-quality manufacturing, production and research and development and engineering solutions, partner technology consulting services.

We use stainless steel SUS316L, titanium, nickel, FeCrAl and other non-woven and textile materials, through microporous processing, to ensure the purity of the filter material. This material has good permeability, good strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, recyclable use, long service life and other advantages. It is an excellent medium in the fields of chemical industry, medicine, petroleum, military industry, etc. It is widely used in automobile, high temperature filtration and other fields.

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