Metal fiber mats are used in various gas combustion applications for low CO and NOx emissions.

Metal fiber carries superior flexibility and toughness. With appropriate surface treatment on it for superior adhesion, being able to be combined with other material, and used for variety of composite materials.

metal fiber mat

MFB-G12 is a lightweight, flexible, porous mat specializing in blue flame operation.
Available in sheet size of  600mm x 1200mm or cut to size.

metal fiber mat

MFB-D17 and MFB-D32  is a versatile material for infrared applications. MFB-D17 and MFB-D32 can fit the needs for just about any combustion application from food equipment to asphalt heating.
Available in sheet size of  600mm x 1200mm or cut to size.

MFB-s45 is a thicker, dense mat specializing in heavy duty IR applications such as paper drying or aluminum melting.
Available in sheet size of  460mm x 1170mm or cut to size.


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