Premix Burner

The MFB-IB series premix burner burners are designed by MFBurners for your application and are the perfect solution for your application. The burner consists of specially arranged gas-air holes on the surface and is made of special alloy stainless steel cylinder.

The special metal-fiber coating covers the burner and stabilizes the combustion.

After the air-gas mixture is transferred to the combustion head, this mixture is carried out to the east through the holes on the surface of the combustion head and the first ignition is performed by means of the ignition electrode.

The geometry and arrangement of these holes have been specially designed depending on the capacity, modulation rate and flame backlash and potentially hazardous situations are avoided.

premix burner

Metal fiber is specially designed and manufactured and optimizes thermal stress with the elements used. Metal fiber coating is the most important part of premix burner systems and combustion heads. The most important features of MFBurners metal-fiber coated combustion heads are;

  • Special production possibility in all shapes and heat loads
  • Fast response with low thermal inertia
  • High modulation capacity and low noise level
  • Homogeneous combustion and uniform surface temperatures
  • Maximum fuel savings / minimum combustion emissions
  • Flame recoil protection
  • High temperature corrosion resistance
  • High thermal & mechanical shock resistance with long life

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